Sara Colaone per Le Monde diplomatique

In the 1920s, the Fascist regime was slowly casting its dark shadow all over Italy and Mussolini forbade the celebrations of the 1st of May. From the windows of a Milanese townhouse different looks intertwine: the enquiring one of the middle-class girl, the enthusiastic one of the young maid, and the disenchanted one of the other servants, by now used to the deceptions of life. The story repeats itself in the architecture of the building as if it was a script played on a stage.

Sara Colaone per Le Monde diplomatique DE, maggio 2013


grazie a Karin Andersen e Francesco Satta

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Kancelaria Łódź ha detto...

Ciekawe poglądy.

Sara Colaone ha detto...

Interesting views.

Kasy fiskalne Warszawa ha detto...

Chętnie dowiem się, jakie masz na prawdę zdanie na ten temat

Sara Colaone ha detto...

We are happy to find out that you really mind on this topic.

Giulio Macaione ha detto...

Sara, che meraviglia!!